About Me


Who Is Edward Brewster?

Growing up, being a photographer never crossed my mind.  It started for me in 2004 while in the Army,deployed in Iraq for over a year. I remember buying a camera and taking every opportunity I had to photographically document me and my fellow soldiers daily activities, missions, and surroundings. I found it to be therapeutic, shooting a camera rather than a weapon..(LOL) Later in life the passion grew like a weed once my son was born! Documenting his life and sharing them on social media with friends and family caught the attention of many other proud parents who started to inquire, " WHO TAKES THOSE PHOTOS ON YOUR PAGE?"  When I replied that I did them, I started getting request to do their family moments! Again...I never would have imagined I would have "become a photographer" especially with my full-time job of 60hrs/weeks with extended travels and balancing family life. I thought, how in the world would I have the time and energy to take on anything else? With a prayer and a leap of faith, I decided while continuing my normal duties, to invest into the business. From attending workshops, online training classes ,doing free jobs to market myself, and many, many sleepless nights watching You Tube, Google, etc... the road wasn't easy! Nevertheless,  especially with the help of my " assistants" (My Wife and Son) it was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made! To realize that I can make others smile regardless of what's going on in the world is a blessing that I take pride in. My Style, I would define it as lifestyle, photojournalistic, and candid. My Goal, is to capture the true essence of my clients and preserve their priceless memories that will be shared for years to come! Well that's enough about me....I look forward to capturing your story through my lens!